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ACT/SAT Prep Classes


Our main business is providing classes  for test preparation for the ACT and the SAT.



If you feel a prep class is not the way to go for you child, or you child needs help in a particular subject we can arrange  to set up an indiividual tutorial for your child.

Academic Screening


 Assesses math, reading, language, organization and study skills using both informal and formal tests. Provides information useful for tutor matching, and generates a program plan with specific goals for the tutorial. 

Upcoming Classes


Summer Programs:

Fenwick & Trinity High School - Abbreviated ACT and SAT Workshop

Marian Catholic High School - Abbreviated ACT

Upcoming Test Dates


2019 ACT DATES:  June 8, and July 13, 2019 Sept. 14, Oct. 26, Dec. 14

2020 ACT DATES: Feb. 8, Apr. 4, June 13, July 20

2019 SAT DATES:  May 4, June 1, Aug. 24, Oct. 5, Nov. 2, Dec. 7

2020 SAT Dates: Mar. 14, May 2, June 6



To register for classes run by One-to-One Learning Services  you can register here on the website.

To register for the ACT go to

To register for the SAT go to