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Success is a powerful motivator.  We are here to help your child achieve success.

About Us

What do we do

One-to-One Learning Services offers small classes and individual tutorials  to prepare students for all components of the ACT, PSAT, SAT and SSAT.  Classes and workshops are held at numerous locations in the area and are taught by our trained, experienced, certified teachers.  One-to-One Learning Services also offers individual tutoring in various subjects.

What makes us different

Our teachers are professionals and have had many years of experience in the classroom.   They understand how to convey the information.  They are educators not just good test takers!

Why do we do this

We believe test prep should be within the financial reach of all students. It should not cost the price of a college semester to prep for the entrance test!

Anyone who says it should is pulling your leg.

Services and information

Test Prep

Our main business is providing tutoring  and test preparation classes for the ACT, PSAT, SAT and SSAT.


 If you feel a prep class is not the way to go for your child, or your child needs help in a particular subject we can arrange an individual tutorial.

Academic Screening

  Assesses math, reading, language, organization and study skills using both informal and formal tests. Provides information useful for tutor matching, and generates a program plan with specific goals for the tutorial.  

Upcoming Classes

 Classes starting at schools weekend of Jan. 20 and Jan. 28.

Upcoming Test Dates

ACT:   Feb. 10, April 14, June 9 & July 14

SAT:  March 10, May 5 & June 2

          State of IL SAT April 10


For our classes register here on our website.

For the actual tests go to

  www.act.org for the ACT or

  www.collegeboard.org for the SAT

Upcoming Classes

New products are coming soon!